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Dov Katz – Know These Facts

August 02, 2018

Dov Katz is known for his expertise in robotics. However, more than the robotics, there is more to him that you should know. These are the following:
  • He is one of the brains behind immersive virtual reality environment. He was an Oculus engineer and one of the minds behind the immersive VR environment.
  • He is an Israeli. Dubi Katz is an Israeli national but he currently resides in California. He moved to America to further enrich his knowledge and improve his expertise not only in robotics but in the industry as a whole.
  • He is multilingual. Dov Katz knows how to speak different languages such as Hebrew, French, and English.
  • He had his graduate and post-doc degree in the United States. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Tel Aviv University in Israel, he decided to move to America to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Amherst Massachusetts. He had his post-doc at the Carnegie Mellon University.
  • He had his post-doc fellowship at the Robotics Institute where he created computer vision and machine learning algorithms.
  • He joined Ocular VR team in 2013. He was a senior vision engineer and was promoted to Head of Computer Vision in 2014. However, Facebook bought the company for $2 billion.
  • Dov Katz specialization is human and computer vision. 
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